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CBE: LSR31516052022

Founded by Tom Pipkin, a resident of Washington DC for 28 years, Pipkin Creative Communications is a CBE-certified strategic communications firm that uses the right balance of creative messaging, stakeholder engagement and strategy to achieve meaningful results. 


Our achievements include longstanding public jazz concert events, farmers' markets, neighborhood festivals, big wall murals, public information campaigns and outreach for governmental agencies.

The firm’s capabilities include:​

  • Communications Strategy

  • Grass Roots Engagement

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Public Meeting Management and Facilitation

  • Content Development

  • Creative Design

  • Placemaking

  • Dormant Site Activations

  • Murals

  • Social Media

  • Video Production

  • Event Ideation, Production and Management

  • Talent Buying

  • Web Design and Content Creation

  • District of Columbia Certified Business Enterprise (CBE)

All of these elements allow Pipkin Creative to deliver high-value community activations and engagements with lasting and meaningful results.

Petworth News Changemakers: Tom Pipkin

Petworth News Changemakers: Tom Pipkin

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