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The Wharf Murals

Client: PN Hoffman at the Wharf

Curated and produced various murals for PN Hoffman at the Wharf in Southwest Washington, D.C.

  • Location: The Tides 35 Parker Row SW

    • Project: Interior Mural at the Fitness Center

      • Artist: Juan Pineda

      • Date: May 2022

    • Project: Interior Lobby Ceiling Mural 

      • Artist: Jeff Huntington

      • Date: March 2022

  • Location: Amaris 601 Wharf St SW

    • Project: Installation of a 130 medallion art piece in the pool room. 

      • Artist: Carolin Sardi

      • Installation Team: James Kerns

      • Date: Dec 2022

  • Location: Wharf Marina

    • Project: Creation and Installation of vinyl wrap for the “Dock Shop Fuel Kiosk”

      • Artist: Joseph Karr

      • Installation Team: Gelberg Signs

      • Date: Nov 2022

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