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Asphalt Arts Initiative

Client: District Department of Transportation (DDOT)

Working in partnership with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Pipkin Creative brought on a diverse cadre of artists to create and install asphalt surface murals throughout Washington, D.C. When possible, these murals reflected historical aspects of individual communities, including a celebration of renowned and celebrated artist Alma Thomas, as well as the original inhabitants of the city, the Nacotchtank people. At 14th and Monroe Streets NW, the poet Mazaré was commissioned to write a poem about the neighborhood and pedestrian safety. Artist Rosy Sunshine Galvan created a mural that was inspired by the poem. This is the first time that this kind of collaboration has occurred. 


Asphalt art initiatives have been championed and studied by Bloomberg philanthropies. They have been shown to improve safety and community well-being through a variety of mechanisms. Historical Crash Analysis concludes: 

  • 50% decrease in the rate of crashes involving pedestrians or other vulnerable road users 

  • 37% decrease in the rate of crashes leading to injuries 

  • 17% decrease in the total crash rate 


Similarly, the Observational Behavior Assessment indicates: 

  • 25% decrease in pedestrian crossings involving a conflict with drivers 

  • 27% increase in frequency of drivers immediately yielding to pedestrians with the right of way

  • 38% decrease in pedestrians crossing against the walk signal

  • 8th & West Virginia Ave NE | Juan Pineda “Dragonflys”

  • 1st and U St NW | Juan Pineda “Bloomingdale Citizens Assocation”

  • 14th and Meridian St NW | Rosy Sunshine Galvan, Poet Mazare “3,2,1” Poem and Mural Collaboration

  • 15th and Church St NW | Chalk Riot, Chelsea Ritter-Soronen “Tribute to Alma Thomas”

  • 18th and Newton St NW | Cesar Maxit “Streepaper: The Nacotchtank Indigenous People”

  • New Hampshire Ave and Newton Place NW| Juan Pineda “Geometry”

  • 11th and Monroe St NW | Trap Bob “Space Is The Place”

  • 11th and V St NW | Luther Wright “Black Broadway”

  • Massachusetts Ave and 42 St SE | Luther Wright “Love and Nature”

  • Massachusetts Ave at Ft Dupont Terrace SE | Luther Wright “Love and Nature”

  • Wheeler Rd and Mississippi Ave SE | Chelsea Ritter- Soronen, Ann Gill, Sam Hamilton

  • Wheeler Rd and Upsal St SE | Chelsea Ritter- Soronen, Ann Gill, Sam Hamilton

  • Wheeler Rd and Congress Road SE | Chelsea Ritter- Soronen, Ann Gill, Sam Hamilton

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